Mel'ange de Joie

Who are you ?

Mélanie, 28 years old, mother of two little guys and a pacsée (and no, not married !!!) since 2012!

After several years in a position of responsibility, I embarked on entrepreneurship. That's how I created "Mel'ange de Joie" in January 2018, a dream come true!

What are you doing ?

I am an organizer and an event designer.

Both for private events (wedding, birthday ...) and profe...


Nermine Jordan - Atelier SAKR

Who are you?

Artisane jeweler-jeweler, it is in 2013 that I started in the trade. It is after 5 years of experience in a workshop that I decide to seize the opportunity to open mine.

This is how the SAKR Workshop was born on March 1, 2018.

What are you doing?

L'Atelier offers its tailor-made creative services in gold or silver.

What services do you offer?

  • Repair of gold or silver jewelr...

V and B / Wine Cellar - Bar and much more ...

V and B who is it?

Created in 2001 in Mayenne by two epicureans; Jean-Pierre, the wine man, and Emmanuel, the beer man, V and B quickly wanted to spread the good humor and the "taste of the good", everywhere in France.

And in Haute-Savoie they have 3 to have joined EventAdvisor:
V and B Anthy-sur-Leman
V and B Publish
V and B Epagny

Without forgetting the V and B Martigny in Switzerland which i...


G&J Duo

Who are you ?

G & J Duo is Giulia on vocals and Julien on guitars.

Giulia Romanelli is an Italian singer, arrived on Chambery in 2010. In parallel of a master foreign language English French of literature, she follows the professional course of the Conservatory.

She sets up different musical projects and now teaches singing at APEJS (Chambery) and the MPT of St Etienne de Crossey.



Carole Macia - Image Consultant

Who are you?

My name is Carole MACIA and I am Image Consultant and Trainer in Béziers in L'Hérault.

What are you doing?

After 10 years in the hairdressing business, I decided to retrain professionally and give a real boost to my career that I wanted closer to my desires and the one I am.

Serious thought is required of me and quite quickly the Council in Image appears to me as obvious.

I had be...


Amandine Photography

Who are you?

My name is Amandine Traversier, I am 34 years old, from Marseille but living in Lyon.

I am in the photographic world since 2002. In 2016 I decided to go behind the screen of the SLR after a serious illness.

The customer contact and the nature itself made me understand that life is beautiful and that we must enjoy all these wonderful moments, often ephemeral and that photography ...