Saly de Salysavons


Who are you?

Altruistic traveler, mother, nurse, gardener, soap maker ... My name is Séverine Thomassin, But they call me Saly!

Nurse by profession, I was able to enjoy 12 years of experience in a diversified and exciting job. Mother of two children, at a time when ecology and sustainable development are at the heart of the news, I was not not satisfied with what I found on the market.
So I looked for solutions to fix it.

After discovering cold saponification, I started creating soap for my family and loved ones while respecting the environment.

Then I felt a need for radical change, to invest myself in a new project by putting forward my creative abilities, in accordance with my convictions and my values. I created and developed my own soap factory to reach an ever wider audience and thus devote myself to my new job.

What are you doing?

I am soap maker.

I manufacture with cold saponification is the process of converting a fat and soda to soap containing glycerin.

It is made at low temperature to preserve all the virtues of vegetable oils.
This homemade method is the only one that retains glycerine to preserve the hydrolipidic film essential to the epidermis.

We make sure that all oils are not transformed into soap to make you fully benefit from their properties: moisturizing, emollient, soothing ...

True care, our cold saponified soaps are more or less overgrazed (6 to 10%) to protect and nourish the most sensitive skin.

What services do you offer?

Ideas to offer or to have fun ... As gifts of guests, business gift as well as soap making workshops or shampoo to satisfy the curious, between friends or between colleagues. Choose the formula that suits you!

Few words about EventAdvisor?

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