Mélanie LAFFONT – Mel’ange de Joie

Welcome to our new EventAdvisor ambassador for the Haute-Savoie region. Based in Sciez, Mélanie manages "Mel’ange de Joie", event organizer since 2018.

She tells us about herself and her company.

My presentation

My name is Mélanie, I'm on my 29th birthday and I created my event agency "Mel’ange de Joie" in January 2018 (already 2 years old!) In Haute-Savoie. Organizer of events in Rhône-Alpes but also Ain (many married in the country of Gex for example), Switzerland and elsewhere where the wind will take me ...!

I am quite "atypical", I like events that come out of the boxes, add my little touch and be very present, pamper my customers as much as possible!

I like to have everything organized but I also like to improvise. Last minute events don't scare me (in 2019, I organized two weddings in 3 months anyway !!).


What is my job?

No, I'm not here to drink glasses of champagne and eat petit fours (you thought I am sure 😉!)

My job is to organize or support people to organize an event dear to them and to make sure everything goes for the best.

I’m the little mouse who usually stays behind the scenes and takes care of the little details so that each event is unique and fulfills you 100%!

Some examples of events

I am the organizer of the Thonon-les-Bains wedding festival, 2020 will be its 3rd edition. I must admit that I am rather proud of this initiative!

I also organize a Girly fair in April which celebrates an association against breast cancer, VIP wedding evenings at the Château de Ripaille, inspirational shootings… I am working on setting up workshops on wedding theme (I'll tell you more soon!) without counting my 2020 weddings! And a little info just for EventAdvisor, I'm working on a completely different big event for 2021 !!!

My entourage says that I have 1,534 ideas per day, I admit, but always with the same goal:

Satisfy you and bring you something new!

Become an EventAdvisor ambassador

I discovered EventAdvisor in 2019 because the platform was a partner of the wedding festival. It is therefore quite natural that I accepted Clément's proposal to become an ambassador and I thank you!

With EventAdvisor, you can be sure that you have quality event professionals at your fingertips, while saving time in their research.

If you go through me for your reference on the platform, I agree to donate € 10 to the Women's Committee for breast cancer screening - Haute-Savoie.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation! See you soon.

Mélanie, Mel’ange de Joie