Amandine Ravoux - La Petite Académie Vienne

Amandine Ravoux - La Petite Académie Vienne

Who are you?

My name is Amandine RAVOUX and I'm at the dawn of my 40th birthday. I've always been drawn to the artistic world; I did my studies in art history and fine arts immediately after my high school years,
(so it starts to date ...)!

I am a dreamer by nature ... and I love to share my knowledge, my ideas and my smile!

After 11 years as a salesperson at BNP, I decided to make my dreams come true and therefore ... to listen to myself.

What are you doing ?

I opened La Petite Académie in Vienna almost 3 years ago now. It’s a wonderful art school for children and adults. It is also said to be a school of gaiety ;-)!

Through drawing and painting, I could only note a form of letting go, of expression specific to each. So I said to myself:

Why not take our artistic know-how with us outside our walls…? 

What services do you offer?

Today, in addition to school, we offer MY ART EVENT, an artistic events agency.

  • For individuals at a wedding for example, we manage all the children from the cocktail reception until the end of the night, so that parents are reassured... always by integrating an artistic and cultural activity.


  • For companies, we offer collaborative artistic activities during seminars or team-building, which will generate team cohesion, exchange and convivial moments... with a visual result that will remain a real memory on the premises of the company.

A few words about EventAdvisor?

I met Clément during a "service provider day" around the events and I was immediately convinced by his vision: a human approach, always in the benevolence of each project actor.

Here I am today by his side in order to offer our customers a "tailor-made" adventure in line with their expectations and our philosophy.


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