Justine Eyraud - Justine.E Make Up

Justine Eyraud - Justine.E Make Up


Who are you?

Justine Eyraud, 23 years old and longtime art lover! I have always drawn since childhood, especially characters, portraits ...

I then deviated to Nail Art, the meticulous side of the nail design I really liked, it was different from paper or canvas and a challenge every time!

So I did a BTS aesthetic in order to continue in the way of nail art but finally following a make-up course during the vacations I had a click:

Art on a face!

What are you doing?

After a year of training in makeup, I therefore became a self-employed makeup artist!

I move throughout the region Auvergne Rhônes Alpes region (or further depending on demand).

What services do you offer?

I of course make classic make-ups but also more artistic and the drawing is still very present in what I do, for example for belly painting we "paint" patterns on the stomach of pregnant women.

  • I can intervene for any type of occasion:

Weddings, birthdays, theme evenings, baby shower

  • But also with professionals:

Photo shoot, Christmas tree or other events.

A few words about EventAdvisor?

An acquaintance told me about this platform and I found the idea great!

Being able to be referenced in all my areas of activity is what I was looking for, because, apart from weddings, there are services for which it is more difficult to make yourself known, especially for belly painting.

It is also easily affordable for those just starting out, what more could you ask for?

I am very optimistic and impatient to see the evolution of EventAdvisor!


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