Léonie Place - Scribeuse

Léonie Place - Scribeuse

Who are you?

My name is Léonie Place and I have always wanted to make writing my profession. I also had another dream, that of traveling long distance. I have granted my wishes and I try to maintain them.

Optimistic in nature, I like to feel useful and to be skillful with my hands. I love meetings and atypical profiles. These trajectories inspire me a lot.

In my spare time, I am always in search of nature, sport, stroll, discovery. And I must also admit that I am an epicurean: you don't need a big event to have a good time.

What are you doing?

I'm a tale of facts storyteller.

I founded my company, SCRIBEUSE, three years ago now. I lend my pen, fresh and accessible, and my listening, active and discreet, to families and businesses who want to tell their stories and keep a unique memory of their events.

After hours of interview and reporting, I write and design tailor-made books, bound and shaped by French artisans. These books are invaluable tools for communicating in a differentiating way, transmitting one's experience or know-how, and offering an atypical gift.

What services do you offer?

If we focus on events, notebook and pen in hand, like a private journalist, I interfere in the heart of your events (wedding, birthday, retirement, seminar, team-building , inauguration…) to capture the emotions, the atmosphere and the details.

Throughout the day, I write down everything! And, delicately, I interview the guests to glean their anecdotes and collect their memories.

To complete this report, I interview the main character or characters, on the sidelines of the event, in order to enrich the story.

The result ? A creative and dynamic story, laid out in a beautiful book, to read and reread, to anchor this day and never forget it.

A few words about Event Advisor?

This platform is aimed at businesses and individuals. And it identifies expert service providers for events in general. It is therefore an effective channel for communicating on all of these niches and not restricting itself to the world of marriage alone.

I was also won over by the values ​​of proximity and friendliness. Because synergies between providers are a strength and a necessity.

Léonie Place
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