Clémentine Ruamps - Fééries Coutures

Clémentine Ruamps - Fééries Coutures

Who are you?

Hi my name is Clementine, married and mother of two princesses, I am a dressmaker Dressmaker by training.

I had the chance to start my career as a costume designer in an Ariège association which organizes 4 days of historic festivals each year.

For personal reasons we settled on the side of Castelnaudary. After moving, I decided to set up my creation workshop at my home.

What are you doing?

Passionate about the history of costume as well as the fantastic universes, I make outfits inspired by old fashion as well as the fantastic universe.

Whether it is for a special occasion or for every day one thing is on you will not look like anyone.

What services do you offer?

Creation of a unique custom model.

Customers contact me, tell me about their project. From the different information they give me I carry out a study that incorporates many parameters:

  • Historical research if necessary
  • The search for fabrics and materials
  • Adaptation of the model to your morphology, etc.

Following this research, I send you 1 proposal accompanied by the drawn model, a descriptive sheet (called "Creation sheet") as well as photos (by email) or samples (by appointment) of the different fabrics selected.

They can ask me for up to 2 changes to the project. Once everything is good, the creation starts with at least one free fitting.

I make totally personalized creations, whether for Madam, Sir or even children, which allows you to harmonize your outfits.

My little extra: I offer a large number of embroideries, personalized or not.

My goal: to understand your expectations as closely as possible in order to carry out YOUR project as close as possible to your budget.

(In development): you will be able to discover my collection of customizable models, different fabrics, colors, materials, as well as the size (standard size only), but also unique pieces, whether it is a historical costume, fantastic or an outfit ceremony, guaranteed exclusivity, you will be unique!

The production begins only after validation of the order, the manufacturing time is 2 to 4 weeks on average but may vary depending on the workload.

And finally I have a small stock of costumes that I make available for rental.

A few words about EventAdvisor?

I discovered EventAdvisor through a Wedding planer Sandra Munoz.
I hope through this platform to make beautiful professional meetings to expand my network, but also to give life to the plans of future grooms.

Clémentine Ruamps

Photo : Sophie Bachère