Christel Charpentier - Autour d'Eux

Christel Charpentier - Autour d'Eux


Who are you?

Christel Charpentier, the soul of my agency! 50 years old, adopted Lyonnaise.

Optimistic in nature, always in a good mood and in love with life!


What are you doing?

I am a certified and happy lay ceremony official.

I like to lend my pen to tell the love story of my newlyweds, always with joy and emotion.

We prepare this unique moment together during several meetings. I accompany them and advise them in their choice of rituals, music, speakers, etc. I help them with writing their vows or the speeches of witnesses. And like to submit new ideas to them (I have lots of ideas!) To approach their engagement differently.

And on such a precious day, I celebrate their union by bringing my good humor, my way of being and my complicity.


What services do you offer?

I offer fully personalized preparation, writing and celebration, but also personal rituals.

The newlyweds and their guests have a unique memory of this moment of sharing, joy and love. Filled with tears and smiles.

I can also accompany the bride and groom for a ceremony, which will be celebrated by a loved one.

I offer rental of arches, and coordination of the D-day or possibly the complete organization with the search for providers.


A few words about EventAdvisor?

This platform was recommended to me by quality service providers, who were able to develop their network and make themselves known to new customers. A guarantee of quality and professionalism emerges from the site, as well as the friendliness.

I found several of my values ​​there, and reliable exchanges.


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