Saly de Salysavons


Who are you?

Altruistic traveler, mother, nurse, gardener, soap maker ... My name is Séverine Thomassin, But they call me Saly!

Nurse by profession, I was able to enjoy 12 years of experience in a diversified and exciting job. Mother of two children, at a time when ecology and sustainable development are at the heart of the news, I was not not satisfied with what I found on...


Manigence Event

Manigence Event

Who are you?

Nicolas Jean-Luc alias Niko - Multi-faceted and intermittent artist for the last twenty years.

What are you doing?

Magician, Mentalist, Hypnotist-Mentalist.

Magic "Close-up" The Close-up !!

A haunting discipline ... A magic of proximity.
The mischievous air, the smirk, the magician flickers from table to table and presents each small meeting a real show!

What services d...


Elle & Lui

Elle & Lui


Who are you?

We are a small family shop. We opened it in June 1018 in Thonon-Les-Bains:

"A childhood dream come true"

We turned to dress and events because it has always been a wish in addition to the lack of this service on Thonon-Les-Bains and surroundings.

What are you doing?

We take pleasure in advising and helping our customers to choose their outfits according to the eve...


2eme Festival du mariage de Thonon les bains

2eme Festival du mariage de Thonon les bains

Le 2eme festival du mariage de Thonon les bains c'est quoi ?

Ce sera 2 univers différents : un côté Vintage et un côté Féerique ❤️ une trentaine de prestataires, sans aucune doute les meilleurs du coin ! 2 foods truck pour régaler vos papilles, des animations tout la journée (magie, danse, concert..) et une ambiance conviviale !

Mais pour que cela...


Carole Cayen - Fleur de Vie Carole-C

Carole Cayen - Fleur de Vie Carole-C

Who are you?

I am Carole Cayen, haut-savoyarde of origin, I am 37 years old and I am mother of two little girls.

What are you doing?

I have been a florist for 18 years, including 13 years in the luxury hotel industry, an area in which I really enriched myself by sharing and meeting with crazier decorations and requests than others from the corporate evening to...


Chaumontet & Co

Chaumontet & Co

Who are you?

Jerome & Karen Chaumontet.

We are two passionate about sweet treats, always looking for discoveries and stolen inspirations through our travels and meetings.

What are you doing?

We manage the company Chaumontet & Co founded in 1965, a dynamic company born of a passion for pastry and chocolate.

3rd generation of pastry chefs where quality and respect for prod...