Léonie Place - Scribeuse

Léonie Place - Scribeuse

Who are you?

My name is Léonie Place and I have always wanted to make writing my profession. I also had another dream, that of traveling long distance. I have granted my wishes and I try to maintain them.

Optimistic in nature, I like to feel useful and to be skillful with my hands. I love meetings and atypical profiles. These trajectories inspire me a lot.

In my spare tim...


Justine Eyraud - Justine.E Make Up

Justine Eyraud - Justine.E Make Up


Who are you?

Justine Eyraud, 23 years old and longtime art lover! I have always drawn since childhood, especially characters, portraits ...

I then deviated to Nail Art, the meticulous side of the nail design I really liked, it was different from paper or canvas and a challenge every time!

So I did a BTS aesthetic in order to continue in the way of nail art bu...


Amandine Ravoux - La Petite Académie Vienne

Amandine Ravoux - La Petite Académie Vienne

Who are you?

My name is Amandine RAVOUX and I'm at the dawn of my 40th birthday. I've always been drawn to the artistic world; I did my studies in art history and fine arts immediately after my high school years,
(so it starts to date ...)!

I am a dreamer by nature ... and I love to share my knowledge, my ideas and my smile!

After 11 years as a salespers...


Justine Gala

Justine Gala - Wedding Planner


Who are you?

I’m Justine gala, business manager and Wedding planner since December 2019.

I am a young company certainly but with a lot of ideas and such a determination to succeed with my uniqueness and my taste for novelty.

I'm pretty "hyper active", always looking for new ideas, new experiences, I hate being bored.

Trust and loyalty are the most significant valu...


Mélanie LAFFONT – Mel’ange de Joie

Welcome to our new EventAdvisor ambassador for the Haute-Savoie region. Based in Sciez, Mélanie manages "Mel’ange de Joie", event organizer since 2018.

She tells us about herself and her company.

My presentation

My name is Mélanie, I'm on my 29th birthday and I created my event agency "Mel’ange de Joie" in January 2018 (already 2 years old!) In Haute-Savoie. Organizer of events in Rhône-Alpes bu...


Evian-les-Bains Tourisme office

L'Office de Tourisme d'Evian-les-Bains

Qui êtes-vous ? 

Service Congrès de l'Office de Tourisme d'Evian, nous vous accompagnons dans l'organisation de votre événement professionnel, qu'il s'agisse d'un séminaire, d'un congrès, d'une assemblée générale par exemple. 

Que faites-vous ? 

Nous nous engageons à vous proposer un devis respectant votre cahier des charges, à vous recevoir pour une visite ...