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• What is EventAdvisor for a company?

EventAdvisor is a specialized platform that allows you to reference all different types of providers needed to organise an event.
Thanks to our powerful search engine and the management of your profile you can highlight your company and this for the services you wish to propose.

This FAQ is constantly changing according to your review. A question to ask? Do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address specifying the object of your message with FAQ Members. Thank you in advance for allowing us to improve with your experience.

Company SEO:

• How do I register my company?

It's very simple abd free. Simply click on « Register » and then « Register my company » on the website header. Then start your registration by filling in the mandatory fields and click on « Validate ».

• What is the profil management page?

On this page you can indicate information about your company: address, profile photo, contact details, ... and describe your activity up to 3 different business activities and choose among the filters proposed which will best describe your company and services you wish to offer to your future customers. Then just validate your registration.
You can return at any time on your profile management page to modify and validate your information and this for free.

Profil management:

• How to correctly fill my profile for good visibility?

The presentation of your company is the first image of you that your futur customers will see and it will encourage event organisers to visit your page. Some basic rules are important: see the « Insertion rules - point 3.»

• How do I choose the filters and describe my activity?

You have the possibility to inform up to 3 business activities. Each activity domain includes a number of filters (subcategory of business activity) to be selected according to the new proposals that appear as they occur. The important thing is to be as precise as possible in order to allow event organisers to find you more easily.

EventAdvisor Plus and Premium members:

• What are the benefits of EventAdvisor Plus and Premium Member profiles?

In further enhance your business, we have created 2 types of profiles for you: EventAdvisor Plus Member and EventAdvisor Premium Member.
These 2 profiles offer additional presentation options and above all the possibility of being even better referenced compared to your competition. To learn more about the benefits, visit the « Package ».

• I no longer wish to take advantage of the benefits of the EventAdvisor Plus or Premium Profiles?

Because it is important for us to leave you free in your choices and actions we offer packages without commitments. You change your business or no longer want to take advantage of the benefits of the EventAdvisor Plus or Premium member profiles. Simply notify us at least 14 days before the renewal of your package by email as indicated on your « Profile Management page ». A confirmation email will be sent to you before the end date of your contract.
See theTerms of use - point 5. » for more information.

• How do I know when my contract will be renewed?

We send a reminder email 14 days before the contract renewal date and for more transparency a countdown is at the bottom of your « Profile Management page ».

Online payment:

• Is my payment secure?

We work with one of the leading companies in terms of security management for online payments (Six Payment Services). Their Term Of Use are very strict and guarantee you a maximum tranquility and security when your bank data. See the « Terms of use - point 5. » for more information.

• Is my data secure?

During the term of your contract your bank details are saved and secured. Only EventAdvisor Sàrl can access it.
See the« Privacy policy » for more information

User reviews:

• Can I respond to a review?

In order to allow you to communicate as simply as possible with the Users who have left a review on your page you can reply directly to them. A response button is located just below the review.

• Can I report a review?

You think a review is inappropriate, hateful, dishonest, a false content or any other reason, you can like any user of EventAdvisor report it to us by clicking on the button located under the review. Please explain the reason for this report so we can process it as accurately as possible and take the necessary action.

Take control of Member page

• How to take control of an existing member page ?

Send us an email at
indicating your last name and first name, telephone number and e-mail address of the company and your function. Any additional documents such as an excerpt from any Register of commerce or companies and a copy of any ID that can support your application are welcome. Once your request has been made we will contact you and send you identifiers allowing you to register.