Insertion rules
April 1st, 2017

Acceptance of insertion rules (IR)

The purpose of these insertion rules is to define the modalities for presenting the Membership Profile pages. The use of our site https://www.event-advisor.fris subject to prior acceptance, these rules of insertion, the general conditions of use and the privacy policy. By choosing to use our site, you declare that you have read and accepted without reserve, these rules of insertion. We also draw your attention to the fact that we may modify these provisions at any time, so we invite you to check regularly the conditions in force.

1. Object

The insertion rules are intended for the attention of our Members who proceed to the publication of their Profile page. They provide for a non-exhaustive list of the services admitted on our Platform and the rules to be respected when publishing presentation texts and images. They constitute an extension of the general conditions of use and characterize an essential element of this agreement. All Profiles published on our Platform must be in accordance with: Swiss law; The present conditions of use, our rules of insertion and our confidentiality charter.

2. Obligation of Members

On our Platform, you have the possibility to select different business activities in relation to the services you wish to propose. You can also fill out your Profile page by adding a presentation text and images. In order to comply with Swiss law and to guarantee a certain quality standard in the presentation of Profiles, you agree to:

  • Not offer prohibited services (see figure 2);
  • Not insert a poor quality profile (see figure 3);
  • Not offer services that are not listed in the appropriate section;
  • Not select services in more than one category if you are not able to effectively implement them;
  • Not Use our Platform for fraudulent or illegal purposes;

3. Prohibited services

In order to protect Users and Members of our community from possible fraud or judicial information, services belonging to one of the following categories are prohibited:

  • Services related to the area of contraband in the broad sense;
  • Pure advertising;
  • Promoting illegal activities;
  • Pornography prohibited by Swiss law;
  • Erotic services involving persons under 18 years of age;
  • the sale of drugs or any substance that impair the capacity for discernment as well as drugs;
  • Sale of alcohol to minors;
  • This non-exhaustive list is regularly updated.

4. Quality of Profiles

In order to offer users and members consistent quality according with our requirements, the presentation texts and images on your Profile page must meet the criteria set out below.

4.1. Presentation text

Your explanatory text allows you to introduce yourself and to indicate all the information related to the Services you have selected. By validating the writing of your presentation text, you acknowledge and agree that:

  • Its content must be in relation to the services you have selected;
  • The text should contain up-to-date information in line with reality;
  • The text must be written in French, German, English, or Italian;
  • Your text should not be used to discredit any existing Profiles on our Platform;
  • Your text should not aim to establish a comparison between our Members according to their business activity;
  • Your text cannot be graphically highlighted using a series of characters or uppercase letters;
  • Your text must not contain racist, abusive, sexist, propaganda, hateful, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, etc.
  • Your text must not have content prohibited by Article 197 of the Criminal Code;
  • Your text should not be a message;
  • Your text should not offer services that do not exist or that you have no right to propose;
  • Not to advertise for a competing site or contrary to our terms of use;

4.2. Images, photographs and representations

All the images, photographs and photographs published on the Profile page must be in relation to the proposed services. The use of images of a sexual, violent, defamatory, and honorable nature is strictly forbidden. They must not create confusion for user members. You also agree not to transmit any content in respect of which you are not the exclusive owner of the related rights.

5. Sanctions

EventAdvisor may, at its discretion, at any time, without warning, erase, reorganize, recategorize the business activities, block or delete the account of members who do not comply with the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy. All services connected with activities prohibited under Swiss law will be denounced to the competent

6. Conclusion

In the event of non-compliance with these insertion rules, EventAdvisor reserves the right to modify, delete the Profile or even terminate these insertion rules, our general conditions of use and our privacy policy.